Dana Andreea Nigrim



Maria João Pires, who had appreciated Dana Nigrim's powerful talent and great musicality, had recommended her for the Advanced Interpretation Course at the National Superior Conservatory of Paris with the pianist Theodor Paraskivescu (who, like Dinu Lipatti, was one of Nadia Boulanger's ancient brilliant students).

In Paris*, her musical personality and interpretation were noticed by the pianist François-René Duchâble as well:

"Listening to Dana Nigrim play works of Debussy, Ravel, Chopin and Schubert, I was very much impressed by the character she succeeds in giving to each of her interpretations. Her rhythmic rigor, her natural sense of the phrase, the quality of her toucher, her very solid technique; everything makes her a pianist able to approach all styles in the happiest manner."

Canadian composer John Rea, also noticed her remarkable scope of musical interest and abilities:

She is at once an energetic and subtle artist, comfortable with the classics as well as with more exploratory masterpieces of the early 20 th century. She demonstrates the uncanny aptitude of being able to play in a variety of styles and genres while maintaining both the historical and authentic outlook of the musical work and, at the same time, reserving for herself the interpreter's privilege of performing one's own renditions, thoughtful reinterpretations that bring freshness to a familiar repertoire.

Living in Montreal*, several Canadian institutions rewarded her with scholarships of excellence: Conseil des Arts du Quebec, the University of Montreal, Les Amis de l'Art of Montreal.

As concert soloist she performed concertos of Rachmaninov, Brahms, Chopin, Schumann, Grieg, Beethoven, Mozart, Haydn, Ph. E. Bach, J. S. Bach, her repertory also including concerts of Tchaikovsky, Prokofiev, and Gerswhin among others.

She has also given many Chamber Music recitals and collaborated with


Ana Lucia Nigrim, Leontina Vaduva, Ruxandra Donose, Felicia Filip, Liliana Dumitrache, Cristina Soreanu, Anca Damaceanu, Jeni Voincescu, Margareta Ganga, Sherrill Milnes, Russell Braun, Fernando De la Mora, Vivica Genaux, Julie Nesrallah, Nathalie Paulin, Dimitri Pittas, Joseph Kaiser, Elena Vassilieva, Yvonne Naef, Nora Sourouzian, Richard Di Renzi, Nathalie Choquette, Gerda Findeisen, Tanya Roberts, Marie-Annick Béliveau, Louise Marcotte, Franco Tenelli, Elie Berberian, Gianna Corbisiero, Simon Chaussé, Carolane Bouchard, Danielle Leblanc, Jonathan Boyd, Susan Eyton-Jones, Jeffrey Carl, Chantal Parent, Mariateresa Magisano, Manuel Blais, Jaime Sandoval, Eric Prud'Homme, Leila Chalfoun, Sarkis Barsemian, Anda-Louise Bogza, Jacqueline Woodley, René Voyer, Felicitas Istoc,


Stefano Algieri, Winston Purdy, Dominique Labelle, Jan Simons, Joanne Kolomyjec, Thérèse Sevadjian, Richard Margison, Michael Meraw, Lucile Evans, Sylvan Sanford, Bill Neill, Robert Savoie, Bernard Turgeon, Eduardo del Campo, Maria Pellegrini, Aline Kutan, Annamaria Popescu, Matthew Trevino, Bret Polegato John Macmasters, Tracy Smith Bessette, Anja Burmeister Strauss, Marie-Annick Béliveau Gaston Germain, Claude Corbeil, France Dion, Yolande Parent, Catherine Sevigny, Gail Desmarais, Laura Pudwell, Lyne Fortin, Liliana Bizineche, Laura Niculescu,

composers: Wolfgang Bottenberg, Radu Palade,


members of Montreal Symphonic Orchestra, Quatuor Arthur LeBlanc, Quatuor Casal (Swizerland), Trio Berlani (Christianne Laflamme - flute, Anick Hebert - cello), Virgil Francu, Mark Simons, Liselyn Adams, Pamela Raimer, Andreea Iouras, Zsombor Gal-Tamasi, concert master of Brasov Symphonic Orchestra, Ovidiu Marinescu, Eckard Schlandt - organist/conductor, Alec Walkington (jazz bass player).

Her experience as voice coach and accompanist includes working at opera institutions - Opera of Brasov, Opéra Bastille (Paris), Atélier lyrique de l'Opéra de Montréal, CAMMAC, International Vocal Arts Institute -, collaborations with voice teachers - École Normale de Musique (Paris), Faculté de musique de l'Université de Montréal, Schulich School of Music of McGill University, where she is Lecturer in Voice Area for Coaching Courses since 2004, as well as Collaborative Pianist (voice coach) since 1996 -, and participations at contests and festivals as International Festival and Competition "George Enescu", NATS, Canadian Music Festival, ItalFest Montreal.

Jury member for Voice Competitions such as Trois-Rivières Orchestra and in McGill University.

She also collaborated in Music and Poetry recitals with Romanian and Canadian actors as Ion Caramitru, Victor Rebengiuc, Ovidiu Iuliu Moldovan, Andrée Lachapelle, Albert Millaire.

She is founder of Lyric Montreal Ensemble (opera in concert and recitals with singers and instrumentalists) and counselor of Meti Jori Artists Agency.

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