Dana Andreea Nigrim


Lessons on line

For lessons you will need:

    - a reliable internet connection
    - a computer with audio (speakers or headphones)
    - a webcam
    - a microphone (USB, dynamic or condenser)
    - a video chat software installed (Skype, Google Hangout)
    - a Paypal account or credit card
    You can refer to these indications or requirements for connection.

Welcome to my Online Lessons for Piano, Voice Coaching and Accompaniment.

Lessons for:

    Vocal Coaching
    Piano Performance
    Music Interpretation
    Music Theory
    Practice Techniques
    Ear Training

The lessons can be scheduled at your convenience and provide you with the necessary tools to get to the level you want. I will teach you how to practice efficiently and evaluate your own ressources and of the repertory you will need to acquire in order to make the progress you expect.

For voice, we can approach all classical repertory: Opera, Oratorio, Lied, Mélodie and Song, and work to bring it to stage performance level, also preparing you for prononciation in Italian, French, German and English. If you need, we can prepare a specific opera role as well, or repertory for your auditions to Opera houses or Music Faculties for which I prepared numerous candidates.

For piano we can tackle any Baroque, Classical, Romantic or Modern repertory, from Bach to Schoenberg.

We can use your own recordings as a learning tool in our lessons which we can analyse and work on them.

You can also record your on line lessons with software like Skype Recorder, Call Recorder, Evaer, SuperTinTin, Pamela, VodBurner, etc.

You can find on the next page specifications for hardware and software that can be used for our lessons, demos, and musical practice: Next Page

Once you have everything set up, you can e-mail me so that we can schedule a first meeting. If interested, then your following lessons can be paid directly into into my secured PayPal account.